Est. 1899




Have you ever wanted to try rowing?

Think you are too young, old, short, tall, disabled, unfit, don't have time........?


Established in 1899 by James Boag , the North Esk Rowing Club was established as 'the every ones' club. A tradition which continues to this day.


North Esk Rowing Club takes pride in providing rowing ( & Dragon Boat Paddling) regardless of age, size, ability / disability or  fitness level. From beginner to elite, North Esk Rowing Club is the place to be.


Want to row for your school, but the school doesn't offer rowing?

North Esk can even help you. Schools currently rowing out of North Esk include: Queechy High School, Newstead College and Launceston College. We have also provided our services: Star of the Sea (George Town) and Riverside High School.


We offer: Introductory, Junior (under 18), Senior (over 18), Masters (26 - 100+), Para-Rowing and Dragon Boat Paddler Memberships.


North Esk Rowing Club.